Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, you can cancel service at any time. However, keep in mind if you upgrade you need to wait 90 days before you can downgrade.

Yes, ChiroPraise TV uses a customized streaming player to broadcast the videos to your TV’s. You need one player per TV in the clinic that you want to broadcast videos to. These players are $99 each.

Yup! At any time you feel you have outgrown your current plan just let us know and we will get you upgraded.

Yes, you can always downgrade plans after 90 days of being on the current plan

Any videos from YouTube, Facebook videos including your Facebook Lives, any video files living on your computers, phones, or iPads. We make it easy to send to us. We can even use your audios including radio shows by putting graphics on them and playing them as video.

If you don’t have any videos already you can use our custom pre made videos that are tailored for your clinic.

Yes, the faster the internet the better your videos will stream. However, we find most modern day internet speeds in clinics are plenty fast enough to run our players.